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Art Direction • Website
Engage and inspire audiences through using the companies new rebranded style in an immersive digital web experience.

Client: Plugged Live Shows
Art Director: Sean O'Sullivan
Motion Design: Tom Gudde
Showreel: Miros Arangutia
Copy & Strategy: Ravenna Sanders/Katrin Abir
Web Development: Exoape


The Plugged Live Shows rebranding triggered the need for the creation of a custom digital experience that matched the one-of-a-kind physical live shows. We wanted to immerse visitors in a world of discovery, where they can experience the extraordinary universe of Plugged Live Shows. Our goal was to give audiences a digital taste of what it's like to experience the shows in person.


In collaboration with The Plugged Live shows
we explored many themes. Eventually settling on a mixture of high-fashion and underground berlin design style.
This started with choosing two new custom typefaces for the company and darkening
their signature red to allow the colour palette some breathing room and balance.
Then some new supporting accents we're added to give an editorial style to the brand.
A new element system was added to represent the creative process in the conception
of their one of a kind live shows. Lastly new motion was added to further evolve the depth of the brand.

Immersion on
every device

The experience continues to delight, even when you’re not at your desktop screen. All interactions are carefully
optimized for smaller screens like your mobile phone, so the shows can be enjoyed everywhere.

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