Plugged Live Shows

Art Direction • Branding
From the rationale and concept, the music composed in our in-house studio and the costumes worn by our performers, all the way to the complete creative supervision and execution by our team: We are artisans that orchestrate emotions and communicate in goosebumps.

Client: Plugged Live Shows
Art Director: Sean O'Sullivan
Motion Design: Tom Gudde
Showreel: Miros Arangutia
Copy & Strategy: Ravenna Sanders/Katrin Abir
Web Development: Exoape


The Plugged Live Shows team creates worlds of fascination. The companies ethos is based around the power of human emotion and creating meaningful memories. They wanted to take a new approach and allow their brand to be a canvas that would represent and exemplify their incredible live shows and performances.


In collaberation with The Plugged Live Shows, we explored many themes.
Eventually settlings on a mixc of high-fashion and underground berlin design style.
This started with choosing two new custom typefaces for the company and darkening
their signature red to allow the colour palette some breathing room and balance.
Then some new supporting accents we're added to give an editorial style to the brand.
A new element system was added to represent the creative process in the conception of their one of a kind live shows.
Lastly new motion was added to further evolve the depth of the brand.

New Showreel
for 2022

Beautiful editorial
show style

The chosen style is to represent the live shows of Plugged.
A beautiful mixture of their key visuals from each of their shows
along with the new elements and grid styles from the rebranding.
the final outcome is an editorial piece similar to Betak that tries to
capture a moment between stage and visual design.
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