I Design Cool Shit.
I Design Cool Shit.
I Design Cool Shit.
I Design Cool Shit.
As a multidisciplinary designer, I am drawn to both technology and beauty. I am driven by a desire to create meaningful and well-crafted designs, particularly in the areas of brand identities, editorial design, digital design, motion graphics and 3D.
est. 2014

He works independently for a variety of clients in Fashion, Beauty, Culture and Tech, He creates design for brands of all industries through Branding, Illustration, Art Direction and Campaigns.
Originally from Ireland, Sean studied Fine Arts in Cork and then Visual Communications. He has been nominated for Adobe award for Brand Identity.

What type of works do you take on?
I take on lots of different types of work across digital design and other mediums. My specialities are focused across; Brand and Identities, Visual Design, Campaigns & Strategies and Motion.
I'm always happy to hear what project you have on mind and if it's possible that we can work together. If not I'm always happy to try and point you in the right direction.
How do you charge for projects ?
The charge for the project depends on a few different things.
The overall scope of the project and deadline needed. The time the project will take along with the roadmap created for the project at hand. Also the types of design needed will be taken into account. Finally for all projects once a price has been approved by both sides half the payment is taken up front before the project begins.
What is your hourly rate?
I'm happy to discuss with a project price to try and give the best value to each and every client. For hourly rates the usual price is €100 excl. VAT costs. Feel free to always reach out and see can we come to an agreement no matter the project.