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Our story of inspiring the world to live a fitter and healthier life. Our bold new brand direction has arrived.

Client: Body&Fit
Lead Designer: Wilsun Cheung
Creative Designer: Sean O'Sullivan
Designers: Yvonne Capelle, Misaki Saraya
Web Development: Body&Fit


We exist because people look to us for inspiration and motivation to achieve their personal health and fitness goals, whatever they might be. We promise to demystify the indsustry and champion a unique and personal approach to health and fitness. Our brand is constantly innovating in the market and our products are developed at the curtting edge of sports nutrition.
We want to update our brand identity to represent our core values and make ourselves seen in the marketplace as an industry leader.


We created an identity inspired by movement.
We are active and empower change. The new identity and logo relects this thinking..
We motivate people as a brand and inspire them wherever they need it within fitness
and health.

Our new iconic "B" was made from the B of Body&Fit, and portrays abstract
movement of the body. Like us as a brand,
it never stands still and is always moving
forward. There are many ways to use, flex with it, and most importantly
grab people's attention with it.

New Showreel
for 2023

New Typograhy
New Colour

These are some of the highlights of the new brand, moving away from the brands old signature blue colour
to allow for a more eccentric and exciting citrus. Moving away from the companies oswald to Galano allowed
us to bring a new form of authority
and modernity to the brand.
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