Art Direction • Socials • Product
Two Art Directors who fell in love with the mechanical keyboard community and all its products in early 2020. Now we want to bring
our creativity to the community through our
two-person studio.

Client: Punchtype
Art Director: Sean O'Sullivan
Art Director: Christopher Zamora


Create a specialised brand to represent two Art Directors who are involved in the world of the mechanical keyboard community and all of it's wonders. The brief called to create a fun and interesting identity and to be able to create a social campaign to represent their products.


We created a brand based around their first product. The Ghost Artisan keycap was at the centre of the business.

After further research into the mechanical keyboard community we decided to look into the 80's style retro wave as a design style.

We created the logo icon for Ghosty and picked typography for the logo to reflect the style we wanted. It was very well received
by the community and the customers
seemed to resonate well with the design.

Product Launch
Campaign 2022

Product Photography
& 3D Render

The campaign focused on the product itself
with a mixture of straight to the point photography as well as a mixture of 3D renders to create a falling effect
of the keycaps.
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